Dear Reinbows,

It was fun petting and seeing the horses. Thank you for the cookies, milk, and apples. Also thanks for the bookmark anthe sheet of “Horse Rules.” My favorite thing was watching the horses run and jump. The thing I learned about bullying is to BE BIG and walk away.
Sincerely, Evan W.

Dear Dr. Mary
Thank you for letting us come to the arena and see the horses and for letting us have the treats. I learned never to bully. I never have and never will bully someone. My favorite horse
was Kate. The apple wafer smelled really good. Thank you for the bullying lesson.
Paige V.

Dear Dr. Mary,
Thank you for letting us come and thank you for the snack and I liked when the horses went to the vegetables. My favorite horse was Kate and next time I get bullied I’ll tell a parent. I have two horses. I wish they would listen like yours.
Abagail K.

Dear Reinbows,
I love the horses. Most of all I like Kate the best, but not as much as the horse tied up. I do not remember his or her name. But I think it was the bestest horse in the whole world.
Sincerely, Kacie P.

Dear Reinbows,
Thank you for letting us come and see the horses. It was really fun! My favorite horses were Kappy and Zjeena. Thanks for the bookmark, apple, and pin. I’m using the bookmark for my
favorite book. I learned that when a bully picks on you, you should stand BIG and strong. Thanks again!
Sincerely, Morgan W.

Dear Reinbows Staff,
Zjeena was pretty. Zjeena was cool. I wish I could go there every day. I liked how Zjeena jumped over the fence. I liked when the horses picked their favorite foods.
From, Jaden K.

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